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Presentation – "FIRST AID"

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Is this product for you?

Do you appreciate modern forms of diversifying trainings that at the same time increase their substantive and practical value? Do you care that the content you provide raises employees' awareness of the issue of premedical first aid?

You are lucky- this product is for you!

What benefits will you get from the purchase?

By purchasing this product you will get an effective tool to transfer your knowledge.

The editable version of the presentation regarding the first premedical aid will allow you to modify and adapt it to your expectations and needs of people participating in the training.

What does the presentation include?

The presentation contains 27 slides (enriched with interesting graphics) including the following aspects:

1.The obligation to provide first aid - the legal aspect.
2. A first aid kit.
3. Survival chain and sequence of actions at the scene of the incident.
4. The lateral position is fixed.
5. Instructions for first aid in the case of: burns, fractures, emergencies.
6. Stopping hemorrhages, dealing with a person with an electric shock.
7. Rules for dealing with choking.
8. AED - Automatic External Defibrillator.

The product is prepared in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

What is included in the price??

  • Electronic form of multimedia presentation – editable version.
  • Possible consultation with a specialist.

Conditions for obtaining the product

After making the payment when you place the order you will IMMEDIATELY receive a link to download the presentation.

In the case of payment by bank transfer based on proforma invoice, the link will be made available after the payment is registered.

In addition, we provide a warranty when you buy a product.

If you feel that this presentation has not helped you sufficiently, we will refund your costs.

In this way, you can test the knowledge included in the presentation without any risk.


If you have additional questions, we remain at your disposal:

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